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Gold Hub Changelog

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Alpha 0.4.50
     - New extended track viewer
          - Click on a release to view all contained tracks
          - View track Time, BPM and Genre
          - Song streaming coming soon
     - Fixed minor bugs
Alpha 0.1.20
     - Added settings menu
          - Option to change album art resolution.
          - Option to disable auto cover.false fix.
          - Option to reset output path for individual downloads.
     - Added filtered tracks counter
     - Fixed insane ram usage.
     - Fixed auto scroll to top after filtering
Alpha 0.1.11 [18/11/2017]
     - Added cover.false auto fix!
     - Fixed insane logging amount. (Sorry about that)

Alpha 0.1.10 [18/11/2017]
     - Added 2FA Support!
     - Fixed double prompt for folder selection.

Alpha 0.1.00 [17/11/2017] (Initial Release)
     - This is the first version. YAY