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What is (was) Rotatrix 3D?
Rotatrix 3D was inspired from a little game I made in late 2014 called Rotatrix. It was a 2 player PvP where the maps would rotate 90º whenever a player charged his/her weapon to the maximum. It was a 2D game made with GameMaker and sadly all files have been lost (the pendrive that contained the files broke in half), all except one, a super buggy Mac build. Rotatrix 2D

This is what it looked like, as you can see my art skills haven't improved much since then.

For anyone who is curious, you can download the final remains of what was Rotatrix 2D from hereJust remember that its only for mac and that you will have to deal with innumerable bugs, also I don't quite remember what the controls were (WASD for player 1, Arrow Keys for player 2, 1-5 to change level, space bar to rotate the map, shift to charge up player 1's weapon, ctrl to charge up player 2's weapon).

Fast forward to early 2015 and with no remains of Rotatrix 2D, I decided to embark in a new project: ROTATRIX...uhm...3D!!!! Like the old rotatrix but in 3D! But this time I wanted to do something I had never tried to do before, Online Multiplayer. The idea behind the whole thing was to have multiple players in a cubical map, with like a maze on each wall, and the players would be able to flip the map by shooting the 'core' of the map. In concept it was simple enough, but like any game developer with half a brain knows, making a game is never as easy as it may initially seem. I'm a bit of an ambitious person and I really did bite off more that I could chew when I decided the game should be online multiplayer. Long story short: I tried my best at trying to learn how to make multiplayer game and in the long term I finally did manage to dominate the subject, but that came at the price of endless time and frustration.

During development, the game slowly shifted into the generic and buggy game it is today, you can read more about it here where I talk more about why I decided to abandon the project. Luckily the game is still in safe hands (despite my new fancy pendrive that had the files dying on me, also yes I know Git is a thing, im just a very impractical person). The game features fully functional multiplayer (up to 50 players) and some pretty cool mechanics.

Ok maybe they weren't that cool, but still, I poured my heart and soul into this game and we all know how that turned out in the end (SPOILER ALERT: it was shit). But not all is lost, I did learn a lot *massive understatement* from all that and as a result I am able to work ten times faster and ten times more efficiently. I'm still unsure what shape the final product will have (Rocket Robots, not Rotatrix 3D that pile of trash is sitting in my folder of crushed dreams).Crushed Dreams

I will post more about Rotatrix 3D in the future, as well as some game dev tips to make sure your game doesn't end up in ruins.

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